Meet our amazing volunteers

During the pandemic from March 2020, the shop has become even more essential to our friends and neighbours in Huby & Sutton. Throughout the crisis, our amazing volunteers continue to respond to the challenge, working hard to keep the shop open 7 days a week, and the shelves and fridges stocked so that customers do not have to leave the village for shopping. And the Post Office is a key service, providing cash, ability to pay bills, top up utility keys as well as post parcels and letters.

New volunteers have joined the team, some home from university, some furloughed or working from home. Many work behind the scenes, cashing up after hours, cleaning and stocking shelves, making up sweet-bags, bird nuts and bird seed, placing orders, washing aprons. And the huge, unrelenting job of collecting stock from our wholesalers including groceries, milk, bread, plants and compost. Most volunteers serve in the shop and we couldn’t keep the shop open without any of them.

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