Good Neighbour Scheme

The Good Neighbour scheme is a shopping and delivery service co-ordinated by Barkers of Huby – a community owned shop and post by Barkers of Huby.

Customers house-bound through illness, age or self-isolating can sign up for a Volunteer Shopping & Home Delivery Service through our network of trusted Good Neighbours.

Good Neighbour volunteers can register via the shop on the form below, to do shopping and deliver on behalf of customers.

Barkers will put each registered Good Neighbour in touch with one or more customers who need shopping and home delivery. You, as the Good Neighbour will liaise direct with the customer by phone or email, pick up anything required by them from the shop, deliver it to them and return to the shop with their payment cash or cheque.

We will be asking customers to sign up for the service, and to confirm that they will pay the shop in cash, by cheque via you the same day you do the shopping for them. We don’t have the facilities for customers to pay over the phone by card. Some customers have pre-paid vouchers for newspapers which we can accept.

A till receipt will be provided for all shopping as required to assist you and the customer.

We will match each Good Neighbour signed up with us, to a customer. It is then up to you to help the customer as needed. We know that customers trust Barkers and its team of volunteers and so we will provide you with ID to ensure that our customers know who their official Good Neighbour volunteer is.

We are doing our best to keep the shop stocked as usual, but this is not without challenges, and we can’t guarantee a regular supply of anything, including newspapers, which we will make clear to all our customers.

Residents of Huby and Sutton on the Forest who require this service can sign up using the form below

Volunteers willing to join our team of Good Neighbours can sign up using the form below

We’ll see how this works over the coming weeks and review as needed. We couldn’t do this without our amazing volunteers and shop Management Committee.

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